Dirndls, Pistachios, Strawberries, and a whole lot of Love...

My 2015 wedding season kicked off with an incredibly sweet low key wedding. Honestly these are the weddings I love the most. Production value is low, but all of the details are so well thought out and lovingly addressed you can just feel their love for one another in every photo.

To me the success of a wedding does not hinge on the presence of escort cards, extravagant center pieces, or thoughtful (but largely useless) wedding favors for your guests. It is found in the uninhibited dancing on full tummies to music that consumes you; It is found in honoring all those individual aspects of your partnership and sharing them with your loved ones, laughter, incredible food, a nip of booze, and of course a slice of delicious cake. Elizabeth and Owen got it right, and you can see it in the stunning photos Kacie Quesenberry captured. They knew where their priorities lay and they budgeted for joy and love in every moment. 

Elizabeth and Owen-Reception-0061.jpg

When I first met them I knew two things: their guest count was low, and they were open to unusual flavors. A dealers choice cake tasting begins with an idea of likes and dislikes. I'm not interested in sharing something with you you aren't going to love! Elizabeth and Owen gave me little in the way of direction but it was just enough to come up with a selection that fit their tastes to a T, and after an impassioned  meeting they agreed on Brown Butter Pistachio Cake, and Champagne Strawberry Cake. 

told them about a new technique I was interested in exploring wherein preserved strawberries are patterned along the sides of the cake, and they gave me an enthusiastic and resounding YES. I love when clients allow me to adventure a little, and the results are always inspired.

I'll admit I was bummed to find that I wouldn't be making the Kransekake, but with Owen's grandmother at the helm I knew the towering confection was in experienced hands!

I feel enormously proud to be a part of this simple and heartfelt wedding. Let us raise a glass to a stellar wedding season, Elizabeth and Owen,  celebrating love in all its delight, and the knowledge that sometimes less really is more.