Painting Cakes

So, I’ve noticed that cakes are getting the artist’s treatment these days and I couldn’t be happier. All over Pinterest (which I am addicted to in case you didn’t know), I am seeing these fabulous painted cakes, and I’ll admit: I’m pretty jealous I didn’t think of it first. But no matter. I’m gonna make it my own.

Wedding season is about to kick off here in Bozeman. For me the festivities begin June 28th with not one, but TWO weddings, and wouldn’t you know it: I’m painting cakes for both events. So as luck would have it, Katalin Green over at Montana Bride, approached me about making a birthday cake for her lovely daughter Hannah on her 17th Birthday.

Katalin has been a driving force in my life lately, providing inspiration, friendship, and a variety of commissions. The installations she creates (as we have taken to calling weddings because, lets face it, they are a work of art when done right) are beautifully crafted with an eye for detail. Much like myself she is one of those wonderful (and perhaps tortured) individuals who expects a great deal from themselves and surrounding myself with people who strive for excellence suits me as I feel compelled to rise to the occasion.

And than the icing on the cake:
Me - “What would you like me to make?”
Katalin - “Surprise Me!”

And so I shall.

I knew I wanted to do a little bit of painting and, as usual, my love of lemon curd knows no bounds particularly during these summer months.

 Add to that my growing appreciation for champagne cake....

 And... (Ah Ha!) a bottle of orange blossom water I have stashed away for a rainy day.

Hannah Green’s 17th Birthday Cake:

Champagne Cake with Lemon Curd Filling, and Orange Blossom Buttercream.

Wedding season here I come!