Two Weddings, One Fine Day

Oh Boy.... Wedding Season just started with a BANG! over here at Whipped. Seriously: Two Weddings in one day. Now for those of you out there thinking "Two? That's not so bad", let me remind you I am a one woman operation (at the moment). I don't usually double book. However the second wedding I took on was primarily cupcakes (and a much smaller guest list) and they wanted me to do a painted mountain scape on their two tiered cake and I have trouble passing up creative challenges. I mean who knows, maybe this new style of painting i did will turn out to be a Whipped signature... So I said yes.

And you know what? No regrets. Sometimes we have no idea what we are capable of until we allow ourselves to wander into uncharted territory. I am so glad I did, because both spreads turned out beautifully, and I feel so proud of what I accomplished. Bring it on Summer of 2014, Show me what you're workin' with!!

Without Further Ado, I give you June 28th: A Story in Two Parts.

Part One:

Rhonda and Buckeye. Okay, with names like that how was I supposed to say no? Technically this was the second wedding I said yes to, but when it came to actual delivery/time of day R&B came in first. When I met with this lovely couple to discuss details (way back in mid winter) they told me that their colors would be lavender and aqua, and they were avid hunters. Rhonda was very excited about an earl grey frosting she has either had, or heard of, so we knew that had to be involved, and Buckeye is a Carrot Cake man (aren't they all;). Ultimately we decided upon a two tiered citrus cake with earl grey buttercream, and the same flavors in cupcake form, alongside carrot cupcakes. Before parting ways I gave them my "your cake topper should say something about who you are, this is the perfect opportunity in all the chaos of your day to have two little figurines that exemplify who you are as a couple" talk. I really believe this.

I am fully on board with a floral cake topper as well, but I say if your going to go to the trouble of putting figures on top of your cake they should say something about you. I mean why not? And I am happy to say that they took my advice and found a stag/doe salt and pepper set that also (this is so cute) had magnets so that the stag was kissing the doe on the kiss. Too cute.

Rhonda had also seen a photograph of a cake with a mountain scene on it, and was curious if I could replicate it. I said yes, but as I remember it, the mountain scene was made of fondant and while fondant is all well and good I just had it in my mind that I could have a Bob Ross moment on this cake. And I did. I Bob Ross'ed all over that cake.

Part Two:

Annie and Matthew. I came across this wedding via Katalin Green over at Avant Floral/Montana Bride, and I am so glad I did. I'll admit I never actually met these two individuals, but Katalin described Annie as one of those rare brides who is excited to let other people take the reigns and surprise her with their creativity. My favorite. I love rising to an occasion! And, if I do say so myself, I nailed it with this one. Here was the information I had:

Colors- Peach and Mint

Vibe/Aesthetic- Sweet and mostly just a celebration of two people really super duper in love with each other. I found real joy listening to Katalin describe their love for one another. She got a little misty eyed, and she just kept saying how sweet and supportive they were. Just mellow and easy going, and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. There wasn't a bridezilla in sight;)

So I have been really wanting to create an epic cake table with cakes of varying shapes and sizes partying together in all their formal wear. This was my moment. The only specification was that they wanted a central two tiered cake with vanilla bean cake and huckleberry frosting... Done. The cast of characters was as follows:

Gluten Free Coconut Key Lime Cake, Gluten Free Almond Cake Cardamom Plum Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Mascarpone Cake (apparently this was the scene stealer), Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, Lavender Strawberry Rhubarb Cake, Earl Grey Peach Cake and of course Vanilla Bean Huckleberry Cake.


The Cake Party

The Cake Party

May I draw your attention to the totally bad ass handmade ceramic cake stands intermingling with those adorable jadeite stands? Those ceramics stands were made by my dear friend Ryan Mitchell over at Gang Busters Pottery. Check em' out. He is stupid talented, and if you are looking to register for wedding gifts, he recently started creating custom sets for this explicit purpose! I am in-freaking-love with my new cake stands!!!!