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what sort of flavors do you offer?

Well, here's the thing: sky's the limit! I don't have a set menu because I'm only limited by my imagination, the boundaries of which are undiscovered! Some of my favorite flavors include, but are not limited to, salted caramel, fresh fig, rosemary, grapefruit, pistachio, rose, cardamom, lavender, espresso, chamomile, cereal milk, pie crust, maple.... the list goes on! Check out our Flavor Library (over in Specialization) for some inspiration...

How much will this cost me?

That depends on a variety of factors. In order to simplify this process for you I have come up with a pastry equation: flavor + decoration x number of servings = cost. really the best way to get a real estimate is to send me an email and start a dialogue. The submission form (found in Wedding Cakes) has been designed to extract the necessary information from you upfront in order to streamline the process!

how do i set up a cake tasting?

A Cake Tasting from the top: Earl Grey/Peach, Chocolate/Stout, Salted Caramel/Cereal Milk, Lemon Lavender.

A Cake Tasting from the top: Earl Grey/Peach, Chocolate/Stout, Salted Caramel/Cereal Milk, Lemon Lavender.

To start please fill out the wedding inquiry submission in Wedding Cakes. A cake tasting costs $50 and includes 4 different cupcakes (each cupcake may include one cake flavor, one filling, and one frosting option) and a consultation. If you have particular flavors you would like to try than I am happy to oblige, however I find most couples have maybe two flavors they are eager to try and no idea beyond that. I am always happy to surprise you with something you might not have thought of! 

can I just drop in the shop?

Whipped is very lucky to share a commercial kitchen space with Roots Kitchen & Cannery and Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters, but unfortunately I do not have a store front available at regular hours. Everything I produce is custom and made to order! I typically host cake tastings in the kitchen (there is a little cafe run by LRW in the front of our kitchen that is open Thursdays 9am - 5pm), however I do not keep regular hours so it is necessary to reach out to me first via phone or email in order to set up a consultation, cake tasting, or drop in. 

how much lead time do you require on special orders?

I require varying lead times depending on the size and scope of the order. To order birthday cakes and smaller celebration pastries a week or two is usually fine however the sooner I receive your request the better chance I have of fitting it in. I am busiest during the summer months (June- September) with weddings so it is inherently more difficult for me to fit in smaller orders during that time. Surrounding major holidays I am also typically busy because I love to offer Holiday specific classes, and pastries for the masses! 

Do you offer gluten free or vegan alternatives?

Absolutely! In fact, I am something of a gluten free wiz if I do say so myself. Almost any flavored cake in our flavor library is GF adaptable. Vegan is a little more complicated, and GF Vegan combined is even MORE complicated, but where there's a will, there's a way! Certain flavors and desserts adapt quite easily to accommodate allergies, while others may prove impossible. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know if it can be done!

What are your most popular items?

The hand painted cookies (check out our Cookie Shop) are enormously popular, entirely customizable, and an utterly unique addition to any wedding. They make wonderful edible place cards, escort cards, or gifts for your guests (not to mention gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen!) When it comes to cakes: flavor, and artistry rule supreme. In an effort to avoid fondant and gum paste I have cultivated a library of techniques utilizing delicious, often organic, materials to create stunning designs. I am at my best when challenged to create something yet unseen, so please: think outside the box, get creative, and reach for the stars. Together we can create a dessert table that your friends and family will be dreaming about for years...


Just hop on over to Wedding Cakes and you'll find a submission form for a custom quote. Otherwise  I am happy to answer any other questions you have in the general question form below!

Where Can i find more photos of your work?

By clicking one of the social icons at the lower right hand corner of the page you can can follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We are also continually working with other creatives in our industry to produce trend setting styled shoots so keep your eyes out for Wedding publications and Wedding Blogs for more inspiring photos! If I know about it I will always write a Blog post, or at the very least post a link to the article on the Press page.

What's next for whipped?

I'm glad you asked! I am super excited about the launch of the Whipped Cookie Shop, and the opportunity to ship cookies nationwide... I am also in the throws of writing a cookbook! It's a very long and tedious process (made even longer by my perfectionist / over-achieving tendencies) so I don't have a release date for you yet but if you subscribe to the Whipped email list I will happily keep you updated on my progress. The cookbook is titles Butter, Bourbon, & Botany and will be a artistic exploration of powerful nuanced flavor, innovative and delicious decorative techniques, and how a lifelong fascination with botany has informed the decorative techniques I favor. It will be a beautiful, modern, and poignant book about how baking mistakes may actually lead to pastry innovation, flavor should never be sacrificed for beauty, and cake is a wonderful excuse to celebrate: any day of the year. 

Who did your graphic design?

I did! In my other life I work as a graphic designer. If you are interested in procuring my services shoot me an email! I'm super close to launching my illustration & design website and I'll post a link as soon as it's finished. 


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