My family's favorite for Thanksgiving! Everyone commented how the pie crust was perfect and all the flavors were cozy and familiar, yet elegantly complex. Thank you Jasmine for a new tradition!

- Even H

There are baked goods, there are baked goods that look like beautiful art, and then there is the religious experience of eating Jasmine's stunning and mindblowingly transcendent confections.

This passed September, My husband and I were blessed to have Jasmine to take on our wedding vision. We had a BIG (pain in the ass) vision that was actualized beyond our dreams.... we wanted ice cream sandwiches, fancy ones, and a bunch of different flavors, AND a cutting cake to be painted like a Mexican folk dress. I was so honored that she decided to take on our challenge. We, and our guests, had our proverbial socks knocked off. Cardamom cookies with rose ice cream, Mexican chocolate cookies with salted caramel ice cream, and so on... Each more delectable than the last, and all individually wrapped and tied up with color-coded twine. And then there was the cake.... oh my god, the cake. It was a visual work of art and did things to our taste buds that should not be legal. And when the grooms drunk cousin knocked the top tier on the ground, you better believe I grabbed a fistful (or 3) and ate in in all my wedding dress glory. 

One of the many great attributes to her desserts is the gentle and modest usage of sugar. It allows the flavors and textures to speak for themselves. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being punching the teeth by sugar-butter bombs.

Lastly, I must speak to Jasmine's incredible professionalism. She was quick to respond to any and all questions, and was a wonderful guide in planning. She was also fabulous about keeping me in check in regards to what would be realistic whilst allowing our imaginations to rove unfettered.

I would get married all over again just so I could hire Jasmine. Instead, I'm currently thinking of any excuse possible to throw an event so that I may once again have the opportunity to taste a hibiscus-coconut ice-cream sandwich.

- Alysse D

Jasmine is a true artist who makes the best desserts in Bozeman.

I knew I didn’t want a traditional wedding cake for my September wedding, and Jasmine created 3 spectacular cakes and 4 amazing tarts for the occasion. She worked with me to keep the total cost within my budget while still creating unique flavors and beautiful designs. Yay for Whipped!

- Kayla H